Multimodal transport of goods

Multimodal transportation is a method of goods delivery that involves a wide range of transport infrastructure and different types of transport, from road to sea and air. A carrier makes a detailed route using terminals, consolidation warehouses, ports, airports and similar objects.

International multimodal transportation of goods is the best option when you need to transport goods over a long distance. The main advantage of this service is a high level of coordination in the actions of all participants in the transportation. The delivery system works as a complex, ensuring the effectiveness of the solution of the tasks.

Advantages and features of multimodal transportation

A single contract is concluded for the whole process of transportation. It does not depend on the number of types of transport used and the number of transfer points – a single fare applies for the entire length of the route. In case of multimodal transportation of goods, the organizer assumes full responsibility for passing each section of the route.

Multimodal transport of goods makes it possible to use the advantages of different vehicles. To overcome different parts of the route, optimal transport is selected, which reduces the time and cost of delivery.

The organization of multimodal transport is suitable for interaction between countries that are remote from each other. Thanks to that, operational delivery of goods to any part of the world becomes real.

Registration order

The contents of the documentation package depend on the particular case:

  • shipments by railway transport require the use of the SMGS common consignment note (CIS rail waybill) that need preshipment organization with railroad station of departure;
  • for the ocean transportation Bill of Lading is used for the carriage of goods;
  • for the trucking, the main document is CMR. Some kind of the cargo need special guaranties for the customs transit.

Additional documents will be required as well. Among them: certificate of origin, packing list, acts of loading and unloading, veterinary and phytosanitary certificates (depending on the characteristics of the goods).

Multimodal transportation of goods from SEAFOOD-SERVICE Company

To order multimodal transport please feel free ot contact us (contacts are posted on the site). We would offer delivery for the any kind of goods to/from CIS countries, closest seaports (Klaipeda, Odessa, Chornomorsk, Riga), to China, the European Union and other countries using rail transport, trucks, ocean vessels.

We will select an optimal way of transporting keeping in mind local facilities and regulations. This will save your time and money, and the goods is guaranteed completely safety. Call us, we are ready to cooperate!

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