Railway freight

SEAFOOD-SERVICE Company performs railway transportation of goods in dozens of directions. Our company owns a specialized rolling stock, which allows timely and cost-effective railway transportation. Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, we will deliver the goods exactly in the required time, according to a pre-specified route and with minimal cost!

Transportation conditions are calculated individually, at a flexible rate. International railway transportation of goods by SEAFOOD-SERVICE is a timely and safe delivery of goods using the most reliable type of transport.

Why is railway transportation of goods in such a demand?

The carriage of goods by railway is almost cross functional. Railway allows you to carry a wide range of goods. Our experts will easily select the needed rolling stock in compliance with the required conditions of transportation.

This type of transport has additional benefits

  • Goods Safety. Carriage of goods in wagons makes it possible to protect the goods from weather conditions and to minimize the risk of theft.
  • Good value for money. Railway transportation is especially beneficial if the goods need to be transported over long distances. It is much cheaper than using automobile or air transport.
  • High load carrying capacity. Due to a high carrying capacity of a railway rolling stock, it is possible to transport several times more goods than when using automobile transport.
  • Large selection of rolling stocks for transportation. Wagons are selected depending on the type of goods. We provide our customers with refrigerated and universal containers, as well as tanks, fitting and universal platforms, covered wagons, gondola wagons, etc.

For the organization of transportation of perishable goods in its own railway rolling stock of the SEAFOOD-SERVICE Company there are more than 200 refrigerated 40-foot containers on modernized fitting platforms, including 50 autonomous refrigerated containers with hinged diesel generator sets designed to deliver goods in small lots. For the carriage of goods in large lots refrigerated couplings are formed, accompanied by a diesel-generator wagon with two mechanics.

Types of wagons for transportation

Proper organization of railway transportation requires the selection of a suitable wagon. SEAFOOD-SERVICE Company has all the necessary equipment for the safe transportation of your goods.

  • Covered wagons. Designed for the carriage of goods that require protection from precipitation and other external influences. They are universal, suitable for working with piece and bulk goods.
  • Gondola wagons. Designed for transportation of single-piece and bulk goods that do not require protection from external factors.
  • Platforms. Used to transport large and oversized goods (for example, special equipment). They can be universal and specialized. The latter are intended for the transportation of timber, automobiles and other bulky goods. Fitting platforms, as a specialized rolling stock, are used to transport universal and refrigerated containers.
  • Tanks. Used for the transport of liquid goods.
  • Hoppers. Hopper wagons of self-unloading type, produced in the form of a funnel. Used to transport bulk goods. There are special hatches in their lower part, when opening the load is poured out under its own weight.
  • Grain trucks. A variety of hoppers used to transport grain and flour.

Geography of railway transportation of goods

An important advantage of working with our company is the availability of direct contracts with the Russian, Belarusian, Lithuanian and Latvian railways. Close business contacts with railway administrations of Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and other countries have been established. Goods carriage in wagons is carried out with forwarding services on the entire route.

Any questions? Just contact us by phone. The consultant will provide the information on the fares for services and the delivery times of different types of goods. Call us, we will execute transportation quickly and qualitatively!

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